Caretaker Services

Whether you own a single-family home, second home, condominium, townhouse, or an estate, for your peace of mind, Colorado Vacation Home Services can arrange:

Opening and closing of your home

Whether you travel by air or land, arriving to your home in the mountains takes time. Let Colorado Vacation Home Services know when you are expected to arrive, and your heat will be at a comfortable level and lights on to welcome you home.

101217 package on porchMonitoring of trades, accepting deliveries

Whether your home is accessed through key or code, it’s important to maintain security by limiting visitors from knowing how to directly access your home. Colorado Vacation Home Services will meet tradesmen and oversee the quality of work, and coordinate deliveries to your home to limit unnecessary access to your home.

Arranging housekeeping services

Using a bonded housekeeping company is preferred. Housekeeping is just not cleanliness. It is also a basic part of accident and fire prevention.

imagesArranging concierge services and ground transportation

There are several agencies in Summit County that can assist with all your day-to-day needs, e.g., running errands, cooking meals, setting up ski and snowboard rentals, travel to/from DIA.

Meeting guests

If you are allowing guests to use your home, Colorado Vacation Home Services can be sure your guests are checked-in and have the information they need to enjoy activities in Summit County.

Trash removal

Dispose of trash when arrivals or departures do not coincide with weekly pick-up.

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